Friday, October 19, 2018


A Fresh Start

For a second time that Saturday before Memorial Day emergency workers scrambled to save the life of D.B.  As they loaded him into their ambulance they could see where his face had been charred by the tailpipe of his 1969 Ford Galaxie 500. He had been pinned under the 2,000-pound car, after his wife accidentally ran over his chest as he lay drunk on his front lawn begging God to take him out of this world because his life was such a mess. The night before, D.B. had been drinking with friends and then tried to walk home from the bar only to pass out in the middle of the road on Main Street in Southbridge, MA. After visiting the emergency room, he was sent home to sleep it off. Instead, he drank even more. That is how he ended up on his front lawn in a stupor.  That was the weekend that convinced him he had hit rock bottom and that something needed to change in his life.

D.B. recalls that he was actually an answer to his parent's prayer for a child, after they had experienced many miscarriages and lost a full-term baby girl due to her umbilical cord being wrapped around her neck. A few years later his brother was born, and the doctors told his mother to never try having another child. But they prayed, and he was born. His mother was loving and doting, and she was a praying woman. His father was always working and when he was not working he was drinking alcohol. Wanting to be like his father, he started drinking and smoking when he was 13 years old and was an alcoholic by the time he was 17 years old.

After many alcohol-induced accidents which should have taken his life and several brushes with the law which should have put him in jail, he joined the Navy and began hanging around with people that were addicted to alcohol. Then drugs became the norm. After being released from active duty from the Navy, his drinking became heavier and many more accidents ensued. One accident which should have killed D.B. involved a drunken motorcycle race. When his front tire locked up he was catapulted down the road at 70 miles per hour wearing only a T-shirt and dungarees. He lost a lot of skin on that one, but he believes the prayers of his mother kept him from dying.

Then came the Memorial Day weekend that marked the beginning of the end of his old life. Shortly after he returned to work in Hartford while training a new employee, the trainee actually started to train Him - using the Bible. D.B. was hungry for God at that point and realized that this life is way too short to live it controlled by substances. The trainee invited him to church, where he received the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues as the Spirit of God gave the utterance just like the Disciples and Jesus’ mother did (see Acts 2). He was then baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of his sins.  Almost forty years later his testimony is: “since that day I have never gotten into another accident induced by alcohol or drugs.”

While his Memorial Day weekend was a difficult one, it was a blessing in disguise because it prepared D.B. for a fresh start. He was finally ready to be “born again.” Being born again ushered D.B into a whole, new, better life. God gives second chances. With God’s help, anyone can have a fresh start.

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