Saturday, September 10, 2016


You Wouldn't Believe It

There are some stories you just wouldn’t believe unless you saw the evidence, and maybe that is how it should be.  Last week I heard an amazing story, and then I saw the evidence. A young man from our church was in a car accident in which the SUV he was driving struck a tree and was literally split in two.  The only uncrushed part of the Cadillac SUV was the driver’s seat.  The young man crawled out of the vehicle having only sustained a minor cut.  Emergency workers said they had never seen someone survive a wreck in which the vehicle was so drastically damaged.

Was this teenager’s survival a coincidence or a miracle? That is a question I hear often, and, if incidences like that only happened on occasion, I might tend to agree with those who call it luck.  But then my mind goes back to so many other God moments I have witnessed, like:

·         The church service where a lady took off the cast that was on her broken wrist and began moving it.

·         The time I prayed for an elder who was septic and he recovered and was released from the hospital the next day.

·         The woman who had fibroids in her womb and was told she could not have children. Her prayer group prayed and the fibroids disappeared.  A year later her son was born.

·         The time we prayed for a woman who was deaf in one ear and a few days later she was able to hear.

·         The couple who was prophesied to that they would have a child.  They believed for 22 years and finally their promised baby was born.

·         The many people I have watched “speak in tongues” - just like Mary and Jesus’ disciples did on the Day of Pentecost when they baptized with the Holy Spirit.

What are the odds that most of these “coincidences” would happen in the Quiet Corner of CT, in our day?  The odds are too high for them to be coincidences -- they are miracles!

Isn’t it amazing how God can do the impossible only to have many stare right at it and explain it away.  It happened in the life of Jesus; he raised the dead, healed many conditions, delivered the possessed and even calmed the seas, but people couldn’t bring themselves to believe.  Some wouldn’t believe.  That is the way it will always be. 

Don’t wait for others to embrace the idea of miracles.  Many have the capacity to ignore the obvious, but if you have a sincere heart, God will hear and answer your prayer. If you prayed and didn’t seem to get an answer, consider a few tips:

1.    Approach God in faith and with worship.  He does not respond to demands from His creation.

2.    When you pray, believe in God, not it your own goodness. God does not answer prayers because we live perfect lives, but because He wants to do good things for us.

3.    Remember that prayer is your request to a God who gets the final say; trust Him when He doesn’t do what you ask. He wouldn’t be God if he just jumped through hoops for us.

4.    Find a group of people who have experience the miraculous.  Join with them as they pray for divine intervention in their lives.

God is like a good parent.  He does not reward those who throw fits.  He is not insecurely trying to get our approval.  He wants what is best for us and knows that some challenges are to be lived out, while others can be removed.

There are so many blessings and miracles that God will do today, right here in New England!  If you are cynical or if the enemy or life disappointments have damaged your faith, those blessing and miracles might happen in your very presence, but you wouldn’t believe it.  However, if you will risk believing again, they will be yours to enjoy.  Believe.  Pray. Expect.  Let your faith grow, and God will do things to show you He is real and He loves you. 

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