Saturday, June 18, 2016


You Can Have One Too!

His eyes were sad and his face was long as he watched his friend slurp around the edges of his double scoop ice cream cone.  The smell of the bubble gum and cherry flavors wafted through the hot summer air triggering his saliva glands and intense feelings of jealousy.  Then came the words that were music to his ears: “You can have one too.  They’re giving them away free at the booth just around the corner.”

We have all been there; longing for something or someone that someone else is enjoying.  I was blessed that way when it came to a father.  My dad was one of those faithful, consistent, and loving fathers.  He provided, mentored, listened, supported and believed in me. If you had a father like that, you probably treasure your memories and that relationship.  It is something to celebrate.

But not everyone was blessed with a loving father.  As a child, on occasion, I had friends over who would look at the family I enjoyed with longing and jealousy.  Unfortunately, when it came to good parents, I could not tell them, “You can have one too!” 

Fathers’ Day is one of those holidays that can be bitter or sweet. For some, the holiday is a time to send cards or take dad fishing and make sure he knows how much he is appreciated.  However, many approach this holiday with regret, not having had a father who was present or nurturing.  While that is a sad reality in our modern culture, there is another reality, and it can be music to your ears.  It is the good news that, although you may not have been blessed with a wonderful earthly father, you can have a wonderful Heavenly Father. God has offered to be a father to all those who will respect Him for who He is.

A Hebrew Psalm describes God like this: “The LORD is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him.” (Psalm 103:13 NLT)  For many believers God has become their loving, supporting, faithful and very present Father.  My Heavenly Father is the ultimate comforter, counselor and savior.  He never leaves or forsakes me.  He is patient and forgiving.  He has prepared an eternal home for me where there will be no more sorrow, pain or death.  I have a Heavenly Father – and you can have one too!

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